Photo / Audio Slideshows

Project FOCUS Promo Video (9:12) by Ian Bogere


Bitone Promo Video (12:59) by Grant Buhr

Lyantonde Connected (4:05) by Grant Buhr and Bret Hoekema

In rural Uganda, most teachers, students, farmers, business owners, and health care providers work without access to information and communication technologies. Lyantonde Connected lets community members in and around the town of Lyantonde tell us why they believe that having access to the internet could improve their lives.


Vulnerable Family (8:13) by Grant Buhr and Lauren Pond

Gatrida Nansereko's husband died from AIDS in November 2006. She is HIV-positive and continues to take care of her six children. The children have begun to assume adult roles and responsibilities as they prepare for life without their mother, and they rely on the community for support.


Vlog 5 - Information Sharing Groups in Lyantonde, Uganda


Vlog 4 - Creation and Launch of the Internet Cafe!


Vlog 3 - Bwera Information Center


Vlog 2 - A Space for Learning, Sharing, Creating, and Income Generation


Vlog 1