Lyantonde, Uganda, Connected

Lyantonde Connected (Full 12:56)

In rural Uganda, most teachers, students, farmers, business owners, and health care providers work without access to information and communication technologies. Lyantonde Connected lets community members in and around the town of Lyantonde tell us why they believe that having access to the internet could improve their lives.

Prince Primary School Lyantonde, Uganda

Prince Primary Doc (12:25)

In this piece we hear from the founders, teachers, students and guardians of Prince Primary School, a community-run institution formed as a response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in the region. The Prince Primary community has partnered with Project Focus and local community-based organization ICOD, to build the schools capacity to serve, and bring lasting change to the community has a whole.

And We Are Thirsty

And We are Thirsty (10:02)

And We Are Thirsty is a series of monologues based on interviews exploring the challenges of water scarcity in Lyantonde, told from the perspectives of school children, a doctor, a mother, a vigilante water seller, and the district water engineer. The monologues are performed by members of Bitone Troupe a youth dance/theatre group based in the capital city, Kampala.

The Women of Kywanula

"The Women of Kywanula" (2:42)

A song captured during a jam session in the village of Kywanula. The recording features Portrait Project participant Lamula, and the Kywanula Women's Movement Group.

Prince Primary Education Song

"Prince Primary Education Song" (2:15):

A song from the Prince Primary Student Choir praising the importance of Education.

David the Storyteller

"David the Storyteller" (7:17):

A classic Ugandan story told by Portrait Project participant David and his family.


"Omusango" (4:22)

performed by Bitone: A sorrowful song sung by someone who wants to flee the place where he was born due to the wrangles he is facing.