Give Responsibly

Invest vs. Donate

Project FOCUS has intentionally chosen to use the word “invest” instead of donate. All contributions made to our organization are an investment backed by our commitment for a social return. At times that return is unquantifiable; education, empowerment, and insight are essential for the development of communities and individuals yet cannot always be captured in spreadsheets and numbers. Nevertheless, the social return is real - documented and shared with you through creative media like video and audio documentaries, photographs, a blog, and works of art represented on this website.

Types of Contribution

Monetary Investment - Uganda
100% of investments in Uganda will be used for community development projects. All donations are tax deductible.

Monetary Investment - US
Investments made towards PF's work in the US will support exhibition development, operational expenses, promotional initiatives, website expenses, etc.

In Kind Donation
This is a List of in-kind donations that we are currently looking for, but are not limited to:

  • Office space in Chicago
  • Gallery spaces in the US to host exhibitions
  • Art supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Food or beverage donations for events

How It Helps

Project FOCUS thrives on people investing their time, energy and skills. If you have a talent or passion, we probably have a spot for you within Project FOCUS. We are always looking for artists, writers, musicians, graphic designers, grant writers, IT-savvy individuals, and more. If you feel inspired by Project FOCUS, get in contact with us and we can figure out how you can use your talents to join our movement.

Another way to get involved is to attend and promote Project FOCUS events, show support, and bring your friends. Visit our Events page for more information about upcoming events in your area.